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imageAs part of the program, we analyze the unique physical damage on each printer's blankets to identify issues that reduce blanket life and negatively impact production efficiency. We then make pressroom specific recommendations to prevent the physical damage from recurring on press. Implementing these recommendations is the key to maximizing your savings with little or no impact to existing production protocols. Our goal is to make your new and renewed blankets last longer on press, resulting in a more productive press room and cleaner presses.

Continuous improvement coordinators love the service. The Enviro Image Solutions Press Room Diagnostic Reports help identity those otherwise hidden production costs that negatively impact each job and your bottom line. Our custom recommendations for your press room will result in a more consistent printing environment and keep presses maintenance free for longer. We measure improvements with every order and communicate those to you. These reports are used as real time feedback on issues directly impacting efficiency and also illustrate press room responsiveness (or lack thereof) to the program. Continuous improvement managers understand that companies should always work on reducing and even eliminating waste from discarding printing blankets into landfills.

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