Free Trial Instructions

To get started with your no obligation free trial, please follow these simple packing and shipping instructions:


Carefully place 10 spent printing blankets from your offset press into the original container(s) that they arrived in. Please ensure that you:

1-Tape Edges

Tape the sharp metal edges carefully to prevent cuts or scrapes to the delicate surface of the other blankets.

Handling Best Practices Video

2-Protect Surface

Treat your spent blankets carefully and as if they were new. The blankets should be free of visible cuts or open breakage to the rubber.

3-Insert Carefully

Place the blankets face to face and pack the box in two's. Please take extra special care to ensure that the metal bars do not scrape the rubber surfaces of the other blankets when packing.


Please ship your blankets to the attention of: image

Enviro Image Solutions
1421 East Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, V5L 1V7, Canada

c/o Dan McDonald
Tel: +1 (604) 254-9544

For customers located outside Canada, please make sure that you declare the blankets at a low value, say $1.50 each, for customs clearance purposes. The commodity customs code for shipping is "5911.10.1000 - used rubber printing blankets". Click on these links for downloadable PDF Commercial Invoice and Shipping label templates .

Send us an email to let us know that your shipment is on its way. Be sure to include your company name, return shipping address, contact name and phone number.

Results and Testing

Renewal Results

Dan McDonald, our Director of Research and Development, or George Retsos, our COO, will be in contact with you after your blankets have been renewed to discuss the results. Dan would also be available to answer any additional technical questions you may have via phone +1 (604) 254-9544 ext. 102 or email. A Press Room Diagnostic Report will also be sent to you at no additional cost. This report may be used to identify hidden costs in production that negatively impact you during print runs.

Remember that the blankets may not look new upon return - some may have a tattoo or discoloration on the printing surface. However, this tattoo has no impact on the performance of the blanket as working properties of the blanket will have been restored. This is why, we ask that you test the blankets in accordance with science and not opinion as per our recommended testing method.

Testing Method

imageOnce you receive your renewed blankets, we recommend that you test them on a high-end job using our recommended testing method to eliminate any press room skepticism. The switch over method of testing will prove that the renewed blankets produce the same quality dot and last as long as new blankets would.

It is important that this test be performed on the day shift with management supervision. This will ensure that the Blanket Renewal Program starts off on solid ground with everyone on board.

After Successful Testing

imageOnce you, your press crews and management are satisfied that the renewed blankets respond exactly like new blankets, let us know. We will send you one or more custom designed boxes to safely store your spent printing blankets and protect them during shipping, once the box is full.

Our service is widely endorsed by many of the largest and most quality-conscious printers worldwide. Program participants in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia and China have all saved money, improved productivity, enjoyed more consistent high quality print results, and kept their presses maintenance free for longer.

*Note all change is typically met with resistance and new technologies draw skepticism. If there is ever a perceived print related issue as a result of the renewed blankets, pressmen should send the blanket back to us together with a press sheet illustrating the issue. We will analyze the sheet and blanket and provide a credit if it is an issue on our end. We will tweak our processes for the individual tolerances within each individual press room. This step provides accountability of the issue and is very important to the successful implementation of the program. Everyone involved in the press room needs to be committed to the Blanket Renewal Program to ensure that it reaches its full potential, which translates to more money saved. Electing a leader in the form of a blanket champion to take ownership and responsibility of the project in each shift is strongly encouraged and recommended.

More Successful Case Studies

Chicago's Quantum Group has been refurbishing all of their UV blankets from their Heidelberg 102 eight unit for nearly two years. Mr. Tony Novak, their Chief Operating Officer, feels the key to their success was educating their pressmen. As soon as the pressmen understood the potential cost savings and could witness firsthand the superb printability despite the slight stains on the blankets, the program has been successful. Mr. Novak reconfirmed that no EIS blanket had ever failed and they have been used on every type of printed product imaginable including Lenticular printing.

Mike Winteringham, Chief Operating Officer of Metropolitan Fine Printers, reports that his firm's UV blankets are typically renewed an average of four to five times with some blankets successfully undergoing 12-15 renewal cycles. Metropolitan Fine Printers, winner of numerous PIA international print quality awards (“Bennys”), specializes in the most sophisticated and increasingly complex projects. They use 10-micron Staccato screens as a standard on their renewed blankets.

They rely upon a pair of ManRoland 708 presses with UV coaters. One press has two coaters and the other a single coater. The company has consistently realized six figured costs savings each year in not having to buy new printing blankets.

In concert with the arrival of its new eight unit Heidelberg XL105 Atlanta's Geographics began using EIS to refurbish its UV blankets. Geographics is a classic general commercial printer with a predictably full array of printing products to match. The firm has two other perfecting, conventional Heidelbergs – a ten unit and 6 unit – both of which the firm has had since 2001.

Bill Turner, Geographics' Pressroom Manager, described interesting uniqueness of this press. Their XL 105 has a single coater configured to run as aqueous or ultraviolet as customer specifications dictate. To accommodate this capability the press has been outfitted with Bottcher Chameleon rollers. This flexibility has quickly resulted in the press running 24/5. While there is no printing product that Turner would shy away from with the renewed blankets, they continue to use two different brands of blankets for conventional and UV printing. It takes his two pressmen only about thirty minutes to swap the blankets on all eight units.

At this stage the firm does not really have any preconceived cost savings targets for the Blanket Renewal Program. However, they typically accumulate the blankets in the blue wooden crate in which EIS ships the renewed blankets. This gets returned full to Vancouver about each quarter. This latest shipment of refurbished blankets cost $3,300. The same quantity of new blankets would have been $11,000. If the product mix stays the same, this should yield an annual savings of about $30,000.

The Alexander Clark Business Forms, Inc. of Boise, Idaho has been utilizing UV drying on their eight-unit Sanden Quantum 1250 narrow web press for 12 years. This three-shift operation produces commercial magazines and brochures. They became aware of the EIS renewal service in 2007 and have gained much experience with these refurbished blankets in 2008. Mr. Marv Braun also reiterated the need to educate the pressmen on the potential savings and unique visual characteristics of these blankets. Additionally it is important that the pressman follow the blanket torqueing specification precisely so that over zealous torgueing does not stretch the blanket. This discipline would be recommended for all presses and all blankets.

Mr. Javier Velasquez enthusiastically described Royal Paper Box's experiences out of their Montebello, California plant. They have had positive results renewing two different brands of blankets for their ManRoland 706 in their initial few months. This press prints higher end packaging and cosmetic jobs. Again they have had no premature failures with the EIS blankets nor are there any print quality demands that they would shy away from with their renewed blankets. They expect to begin renewing blankets from their CD 74 and a lower usage, older 50" UV press soon.

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