Eliminate Waste

imageIt is a known fact most printing blankets are used once and then typically discarded in landfills. Each multi-color press generally produces more than one ton of printing blanket waste every year. In order to solve this problem, we pioneered a chain of custody Blanket Recovery Program, which recycles, repurposes or recovers those blankets that can no longer be renewed and returned to our customers.

Rotary cement kilns are an example of a process that can incinerate printing blanket waste at high material temperatures providing complete combustion, meaning that hazardous emissions such as carbon from burning blankets are avoided. Further. the residual ash from combustion is chemically combined with mineral waste streams and other raw materials in the manufacture of Portland cement, keeping the Blanket Recovery Program entirely landfill free.

EIS also upcycles printing blanket waste into wallets, belts, Ipad sleeves and other products. Click here to see the products available on-line.

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Enviro Image Solutions offers many alternatives to help eliminate the many tons of printing blanket waste from being discarded in landfills and also to prevent the consequential GHG emissions during the degradation of the rubber biomass.